Support the political prisoners!

Alla pengar föreningen samlar in går oavkortat till fångarna och deras familjers välmående. Stöta dom politiska fångarna! Swish: 123-050 34 41 / Pg: 32 1905-2 Märk din insättning med ”Fangkamp”. All the money the organization collects goes to Republican prisoners and the well-being of their families.. Support the political prisoners! Swish: 123-050 34 41 / […]

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Join the fight!

Stöd Irlandinformation och stöd kampen för ett fritt Irland! Du kan bli stödmedlem till Irlandinformation på två sätt: 1. Genom att sätta in 200:- till postgiro: 32 19 05-2 – Fyll i Formuläret nedan. 2. Genom att Swisha 200:- till vårt Swishnummer: 123-050 34 41 – Fyll i Formuläret nedan. När du tecknar ett stödmedlemskap […]

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Free the Craigavon ​​two

Insamlings kampanj för Craigavon 2! Den brittiska ockupationsmakten i de sex grevskapen tar sig ofta rättsvidriga och antidemokratiska former. En av de främsta taktikerna från ockupanterna är att fängsla våra republikanska kamrater på lös eller obefintlig grund. Irlandinformation arbetar ständigt med att uppmärksamma och informera om dessa fall. Tidigare under 2016 har vi arbetat med […]

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Jonathan Hawthorn sentenced to 5 years for online Semtex plot

A Dublin man found guilty of IRA membership following a trial in which an FBI agent uncovered a Dublin-based plot to buy a grenade and Semtex online has been jailed by the Special Criminal Court for five years.

Jonathan Hawthorn (45) was found guilty by the three-judge court in July of membership of an unlawful organisation styling itself the Irish Republican Army, otherwise Oglaigh na hEireann, otherwise the IRA on September 14, 2016.

Ms Justice Isobel Kennedy remarked today that she was satisfied Hawthorn was a “trusted member” of an unlawful organisation who received delivery of explosive material. It was clear his conduct involved deliberate and intentional behaviour, she said, which had the potential for a significant degree of harm.

Hawthorn was photographed receiving the mock-up delivery, which was designed by gardai to look like a grenade and explosives. He also had the materials on him in a sports bag when arrested a short time later.

His co-accused James Geraghty (61) and Donal O’Ceallaigh (33) were found not guilty of IRA membership in July and walked free from court.

Passing sentence today, Ms Justice Kennedy presiding at the non-jury court, said that Semtex and an F-1 Soviet fragmentation grenade were ordered from the Dark Net by an individual who is not before the court.

Having regard to the gravity of the offence, the judge said the maximum sentence was eight years in prison but the headline sentence in this case was six and a half years imprisonment.

The judge said the mitigating factors in Hawthorn’s sentence were his family circumstances and the effect his incarceration would have on them.

Referring to Hawthorn, the judge said it must also consider his previous conviction for a public order offence in 2008.

Sentencing the defendant today, Ms Justice Kennedy, sitting with Judge Gerard Griffin and Judge Gerard Haughton, sentenced Hawthorn to five years imprisonment, backdated to July 16 when he went into custody.

At today’s sentence hearing, Detective Superintendent Michael Gibbons from the Special Detective Unit, summarised the facts of the case.

Det Supt Gibbons told prosecuting counsel, Paul Greene SC, that an undercover FBI agent was monitoring the dark-web, an area of the internet sometimes used to buy and sell illegal materials including explosives.

Through AlphaBay, a market place where people trade on the dark-web in exchange for Bitcoin, the FBI agent was contacted by a user named Meat Cleaver.

On September 3, 2016 Meat Cleaver ordered Semtex, an F-1 Soviet fragmentation grenade, a handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition.

This FBI agent contacted the Special Detective Unit, Det Sgt Gibbons said, and an operation was put in place to find out where these items would go.

It was to be delivered to a “Mr Gerathy” at James Geraghty’s address in Dolphin House, the court heard.

The agent told Meat Cleaver that the weapons would be disguised as Play Doh and made to look like a gift.

Gardai then set up a fake DHL delivery of items made to look like what was ordered, complete with the gift wrapping and Play Doh.

Gardai monitored the delivery, which was carried out on the morning of September 14, 2016.

An undercover member of the National Surveillance Unit photographed Hawthorn receiving the package on a balcony at Dolphin House and signing for it using Mr Geraghty’s name.

Hawthorn was arrested later that morning at St James’s Hospital with a bag containing the dummy grenade and fake Semtex.

The defendant has four previous convictions for public order offences, including one for violent disorder in 2008.

Under cross-examination, Det Sgt Gibbons agreed with Kathleen Leader SC, defending, that Meat Cleaver was not her client.

Counsel handed into the court a number of testimonials, including a letter from Hawthorn’s partner, who said he had been a “great family man” and an active parent through the years. “His son has become very anxious as a result of the absence of his father from his life,” she added.

The barrister told the court today that her client’s partner is realistic and has accepted the fact Hawthorn will be in custody but asked that it would be for “at least a time as possible”.

In mitigating factors, Ms Leader asked the court to consider that her client was a family man who had been convicted of a serious offence by this court but there was another side to him saying: “He is a good father and has been supportive to his family.”

Delivering judgement three months ago, Ms Justice Kennedy said the prosecution relied on the evidence of Chief Superintendent Tom Maguire, who said that he believed Hawthorn was a member of the IRA on September 14, 2016. He claimed privilege over the material relied on in coming to that conclusion.

The judges found that Hawthorn had refused to answer material questions about his possession of the fake explosives and that this was because his answers would not stand up to scrutiny. The “only inference” to be drawn, Ms Justice Kennedy said, was that he was a member of an unlawful organisation.

Hawthorn’s refusal to answer questions and his actions in receiving the delivery and having the items on him supported the garda’s evidence, the court heard.
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1 day ago


Nyheter om julkortspuben/ News about the christmas card writing!

(Text in English, further down)

Inför den kommande julkortspuben har vi fyllt på vårt lager med nya klistermärken, kom förbi puben och fyll fickorna så att ni kan göra era områden lite vackrare!


For the upcoming christmas card writing we have filled up with new stickers, Come to the christmas card writing and fill your pockets with stickers!
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4 days ago


It's not often we use the term throwback Thursday, but today we make an exception.

Today's throwback Thursday:

In 1997, the Ireland Information Group of Sweden held a Picket for Roisin Mc Aliskey outside the british embassy in Stockholm.

Roisin Mc Aliskey was arrested in Germany, accused by German authorities of having been involved in an attack claimed by the Provisional IRA.

later she was handed to england where she gave birth to her first daughter, chained in bed surrounded by British soldiers.

She later became acquitted of the allegations.
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News from Ireland Information Group of Sweden:

Den 5:e oktober 1968

Julkortspub med livemusik