• D Company
    Documentary from 2002 about the D Company, 2nd Battalion, Belfast Brigade and the Irish Republican Army.
    Watch the movie here.

  • IRA – Behind the Mask
    Documentary from 1991 about the IRA (Irish Republican Army), and their view of the conflict against the British and the Protestants of Northern Irleland..
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  • The siege of short strand
    The film Siege of Short Strand is produced, filmed and edited by the residents of Short Strand and is an accusation for bad and impartial media coverage of the events that have affected this society.
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  • The patriot game
    The film’s introduction covers Ireland’s history from British colonization to the territory’s division in 1922. THE PATRIOT GAME then details the events of the decade that began in 1968. Through powerful portraits of rebellion and eyewitness accounts of killings and such massacres as the infamous ”Bloody Sunday,” the film shows the IRA at work – much of it filmed clandestinely – as they argue their cause which, in this country and in most of the world, has gone unheard.
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  • Neart le Chéile – Together Strong
    Documentary about the troubles in the occupied six counties of ireland.
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Movies produced by the organization:

  • Lecture with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
    On 18/2 – 1989 the organization Irland Solidaritet (now Ireland Information Group of Sweden) held a lecture with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey in Stockholm. Two minute introduction in swedish. Lecture is in english.
    Watch the movie here.

  • EASTER WEEK 2017
    A short movie from the visit members of the Ireland Information Group of Sweden made during the easter rising commemorations in 2017. The Clip is paired with the groups Easter Statement..
    Watch the movie here.