Support the political prisoners!

Alla pengar föreningen samlar in går oavkortat till fångarna och deras familjers välmående. Stöta dom politiska fångarna! Swish: 123-050 34 41 / Pg: 32 1905-2 Märk din insättning med “Fangkamp”. All the money the organization collects goes to Republican prisoners and the well-being of their families.. Support the political prisoners! Swish: 123-050 34 41 / […]

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Join the fight!

Stöd Irlandinformation och stöd kampen för ett fritt Irland! Du kan bli stödmedlem till Irlandinformation på två sätt: 1. Genom att sätta in 200:- till postgiro: 32 19 05-2 – Fyll i Formuläret nedan. 2. Genom att Swisha 200:- till vårt Swishnummer: 123-050 34 41 – Fyll i Formuläret nedan. När du tecknar ett stödmedlemskap […]

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Free the Craigavon ​​two

Insamlings kampanj för Craigavon 2! Den brittiska ockupationsmakten i de sex grevskapen tar sig ofta rättsvidriga och antidemokratiska former. En av de främsta taktikerna från ockupanterna är att fängsla våra republikanska kamrater på lös eller obefintlig grund. Irlandinformation arbetar ständigt med att uppmärksamma och informera om dessa fall. Tidigare under 2016 har vi arbetat med […]

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RNU attend Duleek Easter commemoration, condemn Special Branch harrassement

Republican Network for Unity (RNU) attended the Easter commemoration held by the Duleek Hungerstrike Memorial committee, Co Meath, on Good Friday. We want to commend Thomas Lynch and the organising committee for holding a dignified and well-organised commemoration, and main speaker Cait Trainor, a well-known Republican activist from Armagh, who gave a strong and enthusiastic oration.

Wreaths were laid, among others, on behalf of Cogús POWs and RNU.

As Republicans all over Ireland commemorate those who fought for the freedom of their country, heavy garda Special Branch presence attempt to intimidate and harass those attending the commemoration in Duleek. Participants were harassed by plain close police officers before the commemoration and the organisers were followed afterwards. We condemn these anti-republican actions of the Irish Freestate.

Republicans will not be intimidated and continue to march proudly at our commemorations over the following days. We invite all supporters and friends to join us at our national Easter Commemoration in Ardoyne, North Belfast, at 1 pm.

Photo below, wreaths laid by RNU, Cogús and other Republicans at the Duleek Easter commemoration.
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ICA Scouts James Fox/ Freddie Ryan Wreath Laying in Dublin

On a sunny Good Friday in Dublin, Irish Socialist Republicans gathered in Stephens Green for the James Fox/ Fred Ryan wreathlaying and the launch of Macradh- Irish Socialist Republican Youth, a new youth organisation dedicated to organising the youth of Ireland in the struggle for national liberation and socialism.

The wreathlaying, which was organised by Macradh, was held to honour two Irish Citizen Army Scouts, James Fox and Fred Ryan who were killed in action during the 1916 Rising while fighting at Stephens Green.

The wreathlaying took place at the Countess Markiviecz Statue in the middle of the battlefield site and was chaired entirely As Gaeilge.

The 1916 Proclamation was then read aloud before a minutes Silence to honor all those in every generation who have fought and died for Irish freedom.

The founding statement of Macradh- ISR Youth was then read out to those assembled before the commemoration was brought to a close.

After the wreath laying Macradh organised a walking tour of the Republican monuments in the Stephens Green including Wolfetone, Emmett, O Donavan Rossa and Markievicz.

Maith Sibh Macradh on a very successful first event.
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April 19th 1981

The Irish Republican Socialist Party, in London, leading the protest for political status for all republican POWs, Since 1976 the British government removed Special Category Status. This would lead to the blanket protest, the no wash protest, and the hunger strikes.
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