Fellow republicans,

Every year we commemorate the brave men and women of 1916, to remember the events that sat in motion the modern era of Irish republicanism. To remember the causes that urged them to fight, as outlined in the proclamation of the Irish Republic and in the writings of James Connolly, but also to remember the ones who have dedicated their lives to freedom before them and after them, as well as that we are not there yet. The unfinished revolution.

This year marks 100 years since the beginning of the War of Independence. A war that led to the establishment of the free state and the partitioning of the nation. The british army was removed from the south and the green flag could be raised over Dublin castle, but as James Connolly foretold, without the setting up of the socialist republic the efforts were in vain. Foreign economic interests still rule in the south through landlords, through financiers, through a whole array of commercial and individualist institutions, and in the occupied six counties the british army haven’t even gone away.

The border created after the war of independence has been loosened after years of struggle, but today we stand on the brink of a new hard border. A result of Britain wanting to leave the European Union. It begs the question, can’t they start with leaving Ireland?

But even when that happens, the struggle can’t stop there.

As the proclamation of 1916 states the ownership of Ireland should belong to the people of Ireland. Not to England, not to rome, not to foreign economic interests but neither to a small irish ruling class, but to the people of Ireland with civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens. The unfinished revolution.

The Irish Republican struggle has been a shining beacon for the fights for independence and liberty all over the world. Everything from african anti colonial struggles to indian socialist revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh have been inspired by the movement, and it is still an inspiration all over the world today.

We in the Ireland Information Group of Sweden stand with the republican movement in solidarity in that struggle. In solidarity because we share the same goal, the same journing for liberty, for working class emancipation and the workers republic. The unfinished revolution!

In the song Only Our Rivers Run Free a question is asked of what burns where the flame used to be. But we can see that flame in everyone we have met from the republican movement. The fire is not put out even if it has been smouldering, and it is ready to yet again be set ablaze and shine as a revolutionary beacon all over the world.

We would also like to send our special regards to Saoradh, IRPWA and the IRSM and our other friends in Ireland for their great reception of our easter delegation to this years commemorations as well as to the POW:s for their sacrifice for the republican cause.

Beir bua!

/Ireland Information Group of Sweden
Easter 2019