Friends, Comrades,

The Ireland Information Group of Sweden sends its best wishes to your Ard fheis.

We salute the members activists in Republican Sinn Fein for their steadfast and courageous work, both in the Freestate and in the occupied zone, facing, on the one hand a corrupt puppetregime bend on crushing the only real opposition to their regime and the ruling class in control, that is the Republican Movement, on the other facing the repression of the British states armed forces and their allies of all colours and shapes.

We send our regards to the political prisoners north and south and tell them they are not forgotten even here in Sweden. We highlighted the extradition of republican Liam Campbell in a campaign for his freedom. To extradite him was just another example of the shamelessness and vindictiveness of the Freestate in regard to republicans.

We wish you a succesfull Ard fheis convinc6, to continue the struggle for the Democratic Socialist Republic. To face the brits with a clenched fist instead of the traitors handshake.

Carry on your good work, comrades, our group will continue to spread information to our swedish audience on the freedom struggle.

Much talk now about a border poll, to unite two bourgeois states, what will come of it? Not the united Ireland Tone ed that the Republican Movement continue to stand on the principles of the Republic of 191spoke about, nor Mitchel, nor Pearse. That poll will not give the people equality and justice, that poll will not change the oppressive capitalist system. That task is up to the Republican Movement.

“Let no man be mistaken as to who will be the lord in Ireland when Ireland is free. The people will be lord and master.”
– P.H. Pearse

We salute the courageous Republican Movement.

/Ireland Information Group of Sweden